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Crossing the Nullabor

We left Kalgoorlie and are heading across the Nullabor, we camped about 54kms past Madura no.7 in the camps book. It was a really nice spot. Harry found a cool marshmellow stick, It was pretty cool.


We got up early again and were gone by 7am. Heading down the road, when we knew we were heading for Melbourne by the weather before us. We had to stop and giveway for two kanagroos that didnt want to get of the road....


Then it all turned to shit.... We were going up a little hill and Craig noticed smoke coming out of the exhaust, we pulled over and lifted the bonnet to find that oil was spilt all over the engine. After talking with my brother Mick and sending him photos via the iphone. It wasnt good news... We had to be towed into the nearest roadhouse. We were in the middle of nowhere. After 4hours on the side of the road, the two truck arrived. Rod the tow truck driver was a really nice bloke. He assessed the car and said it was buggered. So the kids went in Rod and Brendas car and Craig and I went in the tow truck with the car and caravan on the back. We drove 29kms to Eucla to Rods place.


We stayed at the caravan park at Eucla last night, our caravan was towed in by the tow truck for us to sleep in. Rod and Bren stayed with us last night and left for Pt Augusta this morning. Today,we had to get a lift by Rod the tow truck driver to Ceduna which is 513kms. We are staying in a Motel for the night. Saturday at 9am we catch a little plane(34 seats) to Adelaide and then tomorrow night at 9.30pm we are on another plane to Melbourne.

Well it has been some very stressful days for all involved. At the end of the day we are ok, yeah it sucks but we are here to tell the story and maybe teased in years to come. Hopefully our car can be fixed and its not over ten thousand for a new motor, we wont know until our car and caravan is towed back to home in two weeks time. Thankgod for Racv Totalcare. If we didnt have Totalcare we would have been buggered so far we have estimated the cost to be around nine thousand dollars to get us and the car and caravan home. Racv have been fantastic to us and organised everything.

Thanks to our family and friends that have showed us support and offered their help....
Hugs and Kisses
The Yuks and Haz

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sunny 26 °C


The top photo is some of the wide loads you see on these roads, but this one we had to pull over cause it was way too big.
We stayed at Kalgoorlie for two nights. We went to the museum which had this pub of the british arms, which is the narrowest pub in the southern hemisphere. We also visited the Hay Street brothels, It was so funny the boys wanted there photo taken and Harry threw his leg over Jordy as a joke then a tour bus turned up. sooo busted....LMAO.

We went to the super pit and watched the mine do some blasting. Thanks Greg for suggesting we do this it was pretty cool to see, the pit was alot bigger than I thought it would be. Kalgoorlie has so much history and beautiful old buildings and pubs we loved it.


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Happy 80th Mum(Nanna)… Hope you have a nice day. Mum we made a special birthday surprise for you. We all gathered on Cable Beach for a BBQ and when it was dark I got all the kids to help me and Craig put this together . For the writing Craig wrote all the words with a torch while I operated the camera on the tripod. The coloured lights in the photos were all the kids, all eight of them from ages 4 up to 13yrs and Craig was in the photo too, run around with all the kids. I gave them all glow sticks and told them to run around crazy whilst I took the photo. I waved my magic wand and they all disappeared out of the photo he he… I think everyone did a great job and they had loads of fun doing this and were so excited to see the photos once they had processed, we only had one crash which was good considering it was pitch black. Well Happy Birthday!! Hope you enjoy the photos. Wish we were there to say Happy 80th Birthday in person, but this is the best we can do.
Lots of love
Lisa,Craig and Jordy xoxoxo




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Coral Bay

sunny 28 °C


Coral Bay was so nice we will be back, next time we will stay for a week. The snorkelling I didn’t enjoy as much as Cape Range National Park, but it was windy when we were there and it made the water a bit murky. Also I was a chicken and didn’t go out as far as the others cause I was scared of sharks you had to go to the deep parts to see heaps of fish and coloured coral. While we were there they had a wedding on the beach, the bride arrived in style on quad bikes. It was pretty cool all the bikes had white ribbon on the front of them. Our caravan park was nice we stayed at The Bayview. Shops are across the road, didn’t need to use the car while we were there, we walked everywhere. Well it is time for us to start heading home to cold shity Melbourne. Mount Magnet for an overnight stop then to Kalgoorlie for two nights. Cheers for now. The Yuks and Haz. xoxox


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sunny 28 °C


Exmouth was a nice place, but the best place to camp was Cape Range National Park, we couldnt get in there it was fully booked. We went out to the National Park for the day which was 66kms away from Exmouth. The water so blue and crystal clear. The snorkelling was well worth it. We saw an octopus,reef shark, heaps of colourful fish. In the distance was a dolphin, also turtles and whales. We had heaps of fun. Off to Coral Bay for more snorkelling....



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