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Windjana - Tunnel Creek

sunny 30 °C


Windjana was my favorite place. I think cause you could get so close to the fresh water crocs. Craig and I went down first thing in the morning and we were there by ourselves. The crocs were swimming past so gracefully and slowly coming up to the bank to sun them selves about a metre right in front of us. I will never ever will forget this moment. Absolutley awesome!!!! I was so close to one I could have touched his tail but I didnt. I have got some awesome photos of the crocs, and Bev these will be on my wall.

Hugs and Kisses to all
Missing you all....



We went to Tunnel creek which is where an aboriginal man called Pigeon hid in this tunnel for 9 years, after killing 3 police officers to save an aboriginal tribe. We walked 1km and had to return the same way. We walked through water some of the time and it was pitch black in there, but it was fun scaring my mum and Lisa.


When we got back we saw a bower bird nest with nuts in it then the bower bird came and went ballistic at us, When they get angry a purple crest comes up at the back of there neck, so we left it alone. Anyway the next day, we couldn’t find mum and dad so we waited and waited and waited until we saw dad and asked him where had he been. It turns out him and mum were watching crocs down in the gorge. So we had breakfast then all of us went down to have a look, there were 17 crocs sun baking on the bank and they didn’t care. We sat and watched them till lunchtime it was pretty cool. Well thats about it for Windjana Gorge.
Catch ya Jordy


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Silent Grove-

Bell Gorge

sunny 31 °C

On the way to Silent Grove Campground, we stopped and had a look at Galvans Gorge, nice spot it was the easiest walk into a gorge yet. only 10mins.. It had a boab tree at the top of the falls.


Silent Grove Campground was really nice, We had a fire and invited everybody near us to come. We had 5 different groups of join us! It was a good nite getting to know everyone. Jord and Haz decided to make damper for everybody. We didnt help them they followed the recipe out of the book and it was a success!!! Well done boys... but the little buggers didnt want to share all of it and hid half of it in the fridge and ate it for breakfast the next day!. They did put in too much chocolate buttons, instead of using half a packet they used the whole packet, so it was sort of a marble cake.....lol. Still very yummy! We had a bloke from Holland called Fred, he could speak a little english and he loved watching the boys cook the damper. He took heaps of photos and enjoying our aussie campfire/bush cooking.... He tasted the damper and said. "ah very nice" Jordy was laughing cause he sound like Borat. Harry was funny. I offered our friend Fred a cuppa of tea the next day. He used Harrys mug, since then Harry wont drink from that mug cause a stranger used his mug. Jord swapped mugs with him! LMAO...


Bell Gorge was beautiful, it took about an hour to get there and we had lunch at the falls with Neil, Lisa and the kids.


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Mt Barnett Roadhouse-

Manning Gorge

sunny 30 °C

Mt Barnett Roadhouse was nice to see after being on this dust and corrigated road. The camp ground was ok the facilities were a bit average in the ladies when you were finished you had to get a bucket of water to flush the toilet. At the start of the walk you had to cross the river in the tinny which had holes in it, the walk to the gorge was good a bit of rock hoping and felt like mountain goats but well worth it. This is our favorite spot on the Gibb River Road. Its a must see...


This is where we meet Neil,Lisa,Lachlan,Connor and little chicken(Hayle) "The Gibo family from Newcastle!" They are the nicest family. We feel if we have know them for ever. They are travelling around Australia for 12months. We pretty much have camped together since then. Brenda and Rod your dumped we have new travelling buddys now...ha ha he he When you get here we might let you be there friends too...
cheers The Yuks!


Manning gorge!
We arrived at Coles (Mt Barnett road house). It was like Coles in the middle of nowhere it wasn’t very big but it had everything Tim tams, ice cream, chocolate, lollies everything! Another seven kms down the road was manning gorge camp ground .
A 2 hour return walk was manning gorge. We had heard a lot of good things about manning gorge, so we were expecting something good. As I walked over the hill I saw this huge waterfall it looked awesome. So we got down there, had some lunch, then went for a swim and a snorkel. When we were sitting down we had seen some guys jumping off the top of the waterfall. Craig, Jordy and I all looked at each other and said let’s do that. So we hiked up there got to the top and went oh shit that looks a lot smaller from down there Craig worked up the balls and went splash then Jordy then I hesitantly jumped. Later on Jordy and I said let’s do it again, so we went up and went again!
From Hazdog1er


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Our Very Own Artwork!!


From Left: Harrys, Jordys and Lisa

At Mt Elizabeth they had these 44 gal drums for fire pits. Jord and Haz realised you could paint with your finger on them, so I suggested we have a go at aboringal artwork... I will post the boys descriptions when they do there homework... its hard to get them to do this blog cause they are so busy doing everything else. Mine is the boab tree of course. Jord and Haz laughed at mine and they teased me and said it looks like a beer bottle with sticks..... I think it was pretty cool. Its better than chookas he wouldnt even do one, he is getting old sitting there reading his book!! boring....
Thanks for all the comments everyone glad your enjoying the blog... its hard work but worth it when I see all the comments. Hopefully I will be up to date soon. 2 and half weeks without internet!! got a lot of blogging to do!!!!

As you can see this is my beautiful art work clearly there is a set of owl eyes with a goanna trail down the middle and wallabies tracks across it! By the one and only hazz dog 1er!

Mine was meant to be something, but I carn’t remember so it’s just lines. By Jordy

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Harry and Jordys Photo Competition!!


The boys have taken a liking to my camera and decided to have a photo comp. Well they had three shots each on two different subjects. The above is the best shots taken from each subject. You can decide who wins!! Is it the Wallabie or the Whistling Kite..... not telling who took what photo we will let you know who wins.

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