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Mt Elizabeth Station

By Harry

sunny 30 °C

We arrived at Mt Elizabeth being greeted by a scruffy puppy who goes by the name of Gemma. Gemma loved people throwing her stick but she knew who the suckers were that would actually throw it. It was kids and old farts! So every morning I was awoken in my swag by a stick getting dropped on it. I have never seen so much patients in my life she would just stand and stand and stand there until I would unzip my swag and throw it!


Warrala gorge was a very nice place it was like a beach and a little gorge in one.


We had a look around and a lie down on the sand for a while. Then I thought this would be a good place to have a fish so I walked back to the car and got my fishing rod and made my way down the river casting and casting and casting by this time I thought that every fish was extinct. I got down to where Lisa was sitting and she said she had seen fish jumping down the river more. So I went down where she said had about three casts and I was on… but only for a second he got off ,next cast boom got ya now ya bastard. It was a sooty grunter or locally called a black bream. The lady up at the office said that it was a good size one and could of ate him but I had to let it go cause we werent sure what it was when I caught it and the size limit. And that was Mt Elizabeth!
By Harry


We all enjoyed Elizabeth Station and it was well worth the ride in on more corrigations. 30kms and it took us 1 hour to get there! The Station owners were so nice. I agree with you Matt and Katrina they reminded me of Macleods Daughters too. We stayed two nights here we went to two gorges on this property. Harry mentioned one already the other one was called Wunnumurra Gorge. It was beautiful! Very rough rocky track into this gorge 10kms and took us 1hour to get there plus about a 2km walk in, but well worth it. We stayed here most of the day! The Station had Lots of different animals walking around I was in my element. We could have fires at night and the birds were everywhere lots of different birds I hadnt seen before. Really recomend seeing this place. if you have time on the Gibb River road.
The Yuks!


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Mitchells Falls

By Jordan

sunny 31 °C

The next day we headed into Mitchells falls 78kms the road was horrible it was so bumpy. We got to the day use area after like 2 hours. Mum and Dad decided to catch a Helicopter to the top of Mitchells falls where they drop you off up the top and then you walk back to day use area.
It was sick such a smooth ride, the view was amazing.


View from the chopper!


When we got to the falls we walked about 11 meters and ate lunch then proceeded through the river walked another 6 meters and sat for about 10 minutes then walked not too far and we were at the 1st water fall which is at the top of Mitchells falls. We had walked half way on the track and got to a fall which was called Big Mertens falls where a lady about 4 weeks before fell off the edge unfortunately to her death.


Then we walked and walked and walked to where the rock art was under a sick water fall called Little Mertens Falls.


Got in the car and two crappy hours later we got back to camp, got fire wood, made 2 spears tried to go spear fishing….. Failed. So I quit I went back looking for shrimp and I saw 2 huge eyes on the other side of the river ran up and told Haz I thought they were croc eyes. He just said “oh bullshit” so we went back down to the river and strait away Haz said “shit there croc eyes alright”. So we crossed the river further down and we knew they were freshies there were 2 crocs about maybe 80 centimetres. When we got close, they shit themselves just as much as us and swam off. We ran back and told mum and dad and they came back down the river with us and watched them re surface. Went to bed woke up sort of early to hear mum, dad, Steve and Judy laughing because Steve is a relative. Steves grandma was a CAMM from Bairnsdale area same as grampy max ,small world. So we call him cuz he is a grouse bloke very funny. Any way we packed up and left back to Drysdale GREAT.
By Jordan. catchya

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King Edward River

By Jordan

sunny 31 °C


Well to start off we left Drysdale station and headed up the corrugated road. After about two hours we finally got to king Edward river. We did the usual stuff set up swags, chairs, the works. The park ranger oh god he looked like a nerdy Ned Kelly so we paid up and got fire wood and meet these nice people in a Suzuki (Steve and Judy).

Anyway Haz went down to the river and came running back up because he saw shrimp, so we both ran down and started catching them after we had like 7. We came back up and cooked them on a rock by the fire and ate them.


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The Kalumburu Road

sunny 30 °C


This Road was rough very rough with corrigations but we were lucky to have had the grader in front of us and had graded 40km of the 98kms that we had to drive to the turn off for King Edward river and Mitchell Falls. Lots of broken springs and shockers on this road. We saw a goldstream campertrailer with broken suspension, they were nursing it back to drysdale river station. Even a motorbike was totaled and the rider was very lucky to escape with broken ribs and a bruised body.


We did brake down on the way back, a plate off the arb bullbar came off and hit the swaybar not much damage thankgod. We cabled tied the plate up until we got back to Drysdale Station. This road has a high number when it comes to recovering vehicles. From Drysdale to the King Edward River turn off its a $5,000 recovery and then $10,000 recovery on the road to Mitchell Falls. So we had a high bounty on our heads but we survived.

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Drysdale River Station

sunny 30 °C

We pulled into Drysdale River Station about 11.30 we dropped the van off had lunch and headed up the road to King Edward river.
It was free to leave the van there. Drysdale was ok not much there but a few supplies nice bugers though. You could get Diesel, frozen bread and UHT milk which that was all we needed. We stayed here for one night on the way back from Mitchell Falls.



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