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We stopped here for Scones,Jam and Cream. very Yum.

Gibb River Camp Spot
On the Kalumburu road about 1km up On the right hand side before you cross the river is a nice spot to free camp. Don’t go into the other side across the river on the right or you will be bogged like us for over an hour. We had to winch the car out and then come around the back to winch the caravan out. We were very relieved when we were free. This spot is awesome and the birds are everywhere especially red tailed cockatoos. We had an awesome fire and the kids set up there swags but chickened out and slept in the van cause there were bulls with horns everywhere and the groaning noises they were making sounded like we were in Africa with a pride of lions.


Gibb River Camp by Harry.
We arrived at Gibb river camp. Crossing the river to look for a campsite we found ourselves bogged of course Craig owns a Nissan and we got bogged within 2 minutes of arriving .but it was all right because Craig has a winch on his car. As we were pulling out the winch cable to hook it up to a tree it comes completely off the drum .While Craig put the cable back on me Jordy and Lisa started digging some sand out of under the tyres any way we got out and then had to take the car around the Back to winch out the caravan once we got it out we went back over the river to find camp. We found a good spot to set up and had a rest.

Later on we met dick and Jane the people camping across from us. Dick told us about the lion ant its a little creature that dug a little hole in the sand, it waits for a ant to fall in the hole and then it wacks its tail and spits sand out of the whole and the ant falls in for its dinner. Ir looks like a bit like a tick. It was cool as.
Bye for now Hazdog1er


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Home Valley

The Penticost River Crossing
It was very shallow when we went through. Too easy!


We got to home valley station pretty quick from El Questro it was only 58kms down the road but took over an hour to get there we just went slow about 60-80kms most of the time, the Gibb river road has been good so far. Not much to do at Home Valley Station cause you have to pay if you want to see or do anything here it’s a good place if you want to relax and do nothing. The Kids were bored here the pool was too cold and the fish weren’t biting they were bored out of their brains, one or two nights is heaps here.

We went to Bindoola Falls which was ok not much water , it would have looked awesome during the Wet season.


Both nights we have gone down to the river camp spot on the Penticost River just 4km from the main camp area to watch the sunset over the Cockburn ranges. The sunsets are incredible the colours that come off the Cockburn ranges were amazing. As you will see in the photos this is all on one night it changed every few minutes. Red , then pink ,then blue never seen anything like it, each night was different.


Well we are off to a camp near Drysdale Station and then stopping at Drysdale Station Tomorrow night. Miss Ya all lots of love the Yuks and Haz xoxox

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Emma Gorge

sunny 31 °C


We did this as a day trip from El Questro which wasn’t far we went to the Zebedee Springs in the morning and then on to Emma Gorge. The Walk takes about an hour, lots of rock hoping to get there but its well worth it. Pack your lunch and have it up there. Absolutely beautiful!


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El Questro

sunny 30 °C

EL Questro was really good you could go on heaps of 4WD tracks and walking tracks, You have to buy a park pass which is $20 per vehicle. Camp ground was grassy, no sites you just choose a spot so get there early. There is no power to any of the campsites, but you can use a generator during the day only. Showers were good they were like little beach huts and the shop had good supplies, a bit expensive but that’s what you would expect out here. We stayed three nights and that was enough for us. The kids didn’t want to walk on any of the walks, most of them were over two hours return.



The Zebedee Springs were so nice Its only open in the morning 7am til 12 noon. The thermal springs were 28-32 degrees.

Must see the Zebedee Springs, Emma Gorge, Chamberlain Gorge, Branco’s Lookout, Pigeon Hole.

The boys were ganging up on Craig. We made Harry and Jordy have there own Footy Match. The first one to the other side wins.... Go Searchers!!


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Gibb River Road ooh Yeah!!

sunny 31 °C


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