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sunny 31 °C

We stayed at the Kimberley Land Caravan Park, it was pretty good the views over the lake were very nice. On our first night I was sitting out the front under the awning being very quiet and a cricket was bashing around on the ground and then a tawny frog mouth owl came down and gobbled up the cricket about a foot away from me. I couldnt speak I was so taken away with what I had just seen. Later on the kids watched him come down again when they were in there swags.


Hazza and Jord catching lizards, this little thing kept on trying to bite Harry. very cute but.


We spent the day looking around Kununarra today. There was this place called the Zebra Rock Gallery. This place was really cool it took Craig some convincing to go and have a look but it was worth it. The zebra rock is amazing and there were some other rocks as well just beautiful. The boys could go down to the river and feed the catfish. Heaps of Catfish! We had a mango smoothie...oh yummy. There were cockys in cages. they were so funny very entertaining dancing, singing ,swirling on rings and laughing when we laughed. It was like a circus. We wanted to take them home. Such a cool place to visit. There was another rock place in town which was interesting the guy there explained all the rocks to us. Even gave me a piece of Zebra rock for free.


Well we are all stocked up and ready to go! Gibb River Road tomorrow. ooh Yeah!! El Questro Station is our first stop. You probably wont here from us for a while no reception out there. In Broome on the 10th August to pick up Anna (Harrys mum.) and meet Brenda and Rod...Coffeeee. Until then we are enjoying all the comments from everybody.. I will try and blog if we can do it. Anna we will keep in touch with you on the Satalite phone dont forget you can text us and leave a message if we dont have it turned on. That goes for you too Joshman. look after my car and no burnouts mate.... Hope you said Happy Birthday to nickers for us. Give heaps of cuddles to Abbey and hope her foot heels, jet and rusty the ratbag. miss ya all and Laura heaps.

Happy Trails!!
luv the Yuks and Hazza

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Prison Boab Tree

sunny 31 °C

22kms of corrigation to get to the prison boab tree. Craig and I were disappointed it did have any signs about the story behind the prison boab tree. The kids thought it would have had bars on it.

On the way to the prison boab tree we saw some rock art.


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sunny 31 °C


We went to Five rivers lookout you can see for miles. But we did what you suggested Matt and Katrina and had a barra burger at the Five rivers Cafe....noice. The boys tried the crocodile burger they said it was yum. We Meet some people from Kinglake here....small world.
Wyndham what can I say its very small not much here and I am glad we visited for the day and not stayed here.

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Parry Creek Road up to Wyndham

sunny 31 °C

We took a day trip out to Wyndham. The Ivanhoe Crossing was closed so we went the long way around which came back to the other side of the Ivanhoe Crossing. It was flowing pretty fast... This trip was pretty cool the scenery changed so much and we saw lots of things along this road.
well worth it.

Middle springs, Black rock falls

At Middle springs we saw a goanna come out of the water and went up the rock didnt know they could swim. Black rock falls was pretty dark and weird but heaps of butterflys which was amazing to see, but we saw lots of dead animals there. It looks nothing like the photos I have seen but in the wet season would be awesome but worth a look.


Here are our friends Lyell,Darcy and Winston. Winston asked us if we had seen the movie AUSTRALIA. Lyell was in that movie and he told us he meet Nicole Kidman. We asked if we could have a photo with him cause he was famous. The movie Australia was filmed all up through here and as you go along this road you recognise bits and pieces of it. Like Ivanhoe crossing so Hazza tells me. He started watching it to see if he could see Lyell. He is the boy on a fence.....so they tell us! oh and the boys play footy for the MightyMagpies in Kununarra.


Telegraph Hill was out of this world the views reminded me of the Lion King! Must See and the Parry Lagoon and Marglu Billabong you can go along a boardwalk and spy on the birds in the viewing tent.

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Things we see on the way!

sunny 29 °C


Heaps of Road Trains, funny people on motor bikes there was about six of these dudes and they were all dressed up not sure where they were going it would have been hot in all that clobber. The Car,Caravan,boat and dogs was at the bungle bungle caravan park. He wins.....most toys award!

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