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Boab Tree!

sunny 31 °C


On the way to the Bungle Bungle Carvan Park we saw this awesome Boab Tree! The kids loved it.
After seeing the prison boab tree today this was heaps better.

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Bungle Bungles

sunny 31 °C

We arrived at the caravan park in the bungle bungles, there were wild scrub bulls walking around.

Later on in the arvo I went for a walk down to the creek to see how much water was in it .when I got back I felt all these things crawling on me they were bush ticks :/.

When we went to bed that night we were sitting around waiting for Craig to cook us some dinner and we heard all these dingoes howling:/.

The next morning we were going on a helicopter ride me and smelly (Craig) went first Lisa and Jordy were next! It was so fun. The helicopter was a raven 44 it weighted 660 kilos and had no doors! Lisa was shitting herself.

From Hazdog1er



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Bungle Bungles Caravan Park

sunny 31 °C


The caravan was pretty basic but very nice they are just starting out and its a real bush set up. We camped down near the springs with no power.
Bush ticks galore and Hearing the Dingos Howling at night ....made the boys sleep in the caravan they were even scared to go to the toilet. LMAO!!

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Lake Argyle from Jordy

sunny 31 °C

At Lake Argyle we went to the spillway look out and saw a croc down on a rock, so we hoped back in the car to go see it up close.
When we got to the rock harry and I when up close to the crocodile and we accidentally scared off the crocodile, so I went to up to where it was sitting and I heard something.
I took a look and saw a snake tail and then I looked closer to see spikes. It was a baby crocodile about 30 centimetres long but we left it coz Muma was still lurking.
Then we were interrupted by a big falling …. Lisa, she almost broke her legs, it’s just lucky it wasn’t Bev Brooks or she would have broken something.
After that and after lunch we headed back for a swim …. To be or not to be continued
From Jordy

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Lake Argyle

sunny 31 °C

This place was so beautiful and well worth a look. You could drive to see things like the homestead and Hydro power station and we saw crocs.. and the boys found a little baby croc we got out of there quick but they are only freshies... The homestead was awesome Craig and I both said we could live there!.



We were walking along this bank and the kids spotted fish heaps of fish. The water had no crocs too shallow.but Craig had the bejesus knocked out of him when this big Roo came out from under neath a cave and hopped in front of him as he was walking pass .... He was a big boy!!


Are the Serenity!!..... To infinity and beyond.... Couldnt get Jord and Harry out of this one.


This homestead is our new home!!! ha ha only joking but I could live here very easily..


Well thats it for me off to the Bungle Bungle Caravan Park.. We are going on a Helicopter flight in the morning at 10.00 and next crew at 10.30 cause we are all too fat.....
Then we are coming back to Kunanurra tomorrow to stay for a few days.

Love to all the Yuks and Hazza!

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