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Katherine Gorge

sunny 28 °C

Don’t know how to start this well at Katherine we got there and there was this tree and the seed pods on it looked like sausages Harry and I had a fight with them well anyway after ww3. We all went to go for a swim in Katherine gorge “croc infested water “ ( but really the only crocs in the water were dads ). After that we went up to the look out which was steep as and the ground was burning our feet , we watched the canoes leave on their little trip when someone (mum ) suggested to do the loop walk around to get back which was “quicker” an extra 2.8 kms “quicker” after the long hot and sweaty walk we had an amazing swim for about 2 hours then Harry lost his earing again, then we had lunch then swam for ages again Haz lost his earing for the 3rd time but we found it again, had dinner set up the swags swam again and went to bed. We got up at 6am the next day for our cruise with an amazing breakfast on the boat and a look at 2 out of 13 gorges. We learned about fractures and how on one side of the gorge there is a crack and on the other it was the same, it was sick and on the way back Haz almost stood on a golden brown tree snake but me being superman like I am saved him of course he disagrees and says “I wouldn’t of stood on it anyway” but all well it was really good I loved it.
Any way catch ya’s




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sunny 29 °C

Katherine was really good we only stayed one night at the Katherine Gorge Camping ground which was enough because you can only see the gorge by boat or fly over. The camp ground was pretty nice as you will see in the photos.



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Mattaranka Hot Springs

sunny 28 °C

Mataranka hot springs, Mataranka was awesome the hot springs were at a steady temperature of and the water was crystal clear! There was peacocks and wallaby’s running around everywhere I managed to hand feed one of the wallaby’s who was the gamest of the lot I caught a gecko I named him Gavin! And also we went for a 2km walk to a river were me and Jordy were swinging off a swing into croc infested water!

Big shout out to me mate Mr Bails haze doog out!

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Mataranka Homestead

sunny 27 °C

Mataranka thermal spring was so beautiful and warm about 38 degrees.



We walked 1.2kms to this river the boys were swinging off the rope into the water. Anna dont worry there were no crocs we sent craig in first.



This place is ace I wish we had more time to stay here. Heaps to do. Its a bush caravan park with everything you need. We had live entertainment which was grouse. Heaps of wallabies, peacocks, geckos, birds,green tree frogs and yes brenda bats but not as bad as cape york. I can hear them now that it is dark. Havent seen one of them yet. and yes I have the internet which I didnt think we would have range for phones and internet. It has been hot here today....hows the weather in Melbourne... ha ha he he.
well I speak soon hope your enjoying our blog. The boys have been told they must write on this blog..I will sit them down and make them but They are having too much fun. Harry is reading all the messages and says Hi to all his family. well bye for now. Katherine tomorrow.
love to all
the Yuks and Hazza
Miss Ya Joshman!!! But I think Harry has stolen your thunder!

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Daly Waters

sunny 26 °C

Best Pub Ever next time we will stay the night.




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