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Happy Birthday Dylan!!!

Hope you have a happy birthday Dylan!
Lots of Love
The Yuks...

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Elliot - Longreach water hole

sunny 27 °C

This is where we stayed last night.....OMG what a beautiful spot... Thanks Matt and Katrina for recommending this spot We could have stayed here
for two nights... For those who are following us in a few days.....The camps book said 1km out of town but it was the last cattle grid out of town turn left on to the red dirt track it does say private property but that is the right side of the road just follow the fresh tracks ...11km in you will come to the most peaceful place, where all the birds are hunting for fish to eat. (Heaps of Pelicans bev and brenda.) You could watch them for hours!!


Sunset was amazing!!


Harry and Jord went to the drop toilets. Harry was so excited he found and finally caught a Cane toad...when he showed me I screamed and said they are poisonious put it down and his reply was "I picked it up with plastic its all good...I been trying to catch one of these for ages!" I am starting to call him Crocodile Harry now... He also caught a Mole cricket and was trying to get jordy to hold it. It was the funniest thing they were laughing so much I videod it. I will try and upload it. LMAO.


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Devils Marbles

sunny 26 °C

We Stopped here for Lunch what an awesome spot. We could see for miles. The Kids loved climbing all over them.


Harry with his fly net on....

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Barrow Creek Telegraph Station

sunny 25 °C

This Telegraph Station was on the way to Devils Marbles wasnt much else in the town of Barrow Creek.


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Alice Springs

sunny 17 °C

Well we made to Alice in two days from Melbourne but they have been long days in the car.
Our Trip starts from here now. We took Harry to Simpson Gap to show him the rock wallabies. It was on dusk and we saw about 5 of them.
One hopped cross the track right in front of us. We took him and showed him the town. They have cleaned Alice Springs up heaps since last time we were here which is very good to see all the police and security around the place mind you there was a gas leak at safeway.... no it wasnt chooka!. We went to the golden arches for a change... ha ha dont see many up here..


We have also made friends with Bob and Anne(trackmaster owners). If they can book broome the same time we are there, they are going to teach us how to play a card game called wizard. They were so nice just like you Bev and Brookys. Well Anne is a School Teacher or a retired one.. We had happy hour with our neighbours John and Marg.... Mum they were in there seventies so if they can do it so can you. Life is too short!!

Well time to sign off now.. heading for Devils Marbles tomorrow and then on to Elliot for the night. prob wont have reception until we get to Katherine on Tues/Wed.... Until then
Lots of love
The Yuks and Hazza

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